Hotel Information Wedding Insert Cards

Hotel Information Wedding Insert Cards

Provide guests with additional details they will need to prepare for your wedding day with the Guest Information Cards. The Additional Information Card provides you with an area to send a bit more information about your wedding.


Hotel Information Wedding Insert Cards with Orange and Purple Florals. The additional information card is a great way to add little extra information with your wedding set.

Hotel Information Wedding Insert Cards with Orange and Purple Floral

The additional information cards give you some extra wiggle room for details! You can also add hotel accommodation information, directions to your wedding, registry information, venue details and more. Adding a link to your wedding website will also give your guests the option to get additional information online. Welcome to the Manor Harvest Collection. Many more floral watercolor wedding invitation sets can be found in the storefront. And get some great ideas for your bright floral wedding flowers here too!


  • We prepare the Wedding Insert Cards especially for you in a size we will determine based on your wording. The cards also fit easily into the main outer envelope.
  • In addition, the backside of the invitation may have additional design and text. Your wording added to the card determines the size we will use.
  • Please be sure to include the exact wording as you would like it to read in the space provided on the order form.
  • You will have the opportunity to review the design for errors and make changes upon receipt of the proof package.